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The following are stallion bloodlines found in our horses.

Trakehner Stallions 

  1. Abglanz
  2. Amethyst
  3. Beaujolais
  4. Bonn
  5. Carino
  6. Condus
  7. Donauwind
  8. Guy La Roche
  9. Hailo
  10. Hannibal
  11. Ibikus
  12. Illux
  13. Marcus
  14. Schwalbenherbst
  15. Tai Pan
  16. Tannenberg


Born: 1942 Photo of Albanz
Color: Chestnut
Height: 16.1 hands
Breeder: Hauptgestüt Trakehnen
1946-49 at Handorf
1950-60 at Hechthausen
1964 at Hunnesrück
Died: March 1964
Approved Son: Absatz

Abglanz was perhaps the most influential stallion of modern time in the Hanoverian breeding district, and his infusion of Trakehner lightness and ‘blood’ can be clearly seen in today’s modern Hanoverian horse.

Although the lightly framed Trakehner was not initially welcomed in an era when agricultural horses were in great demand. Abglanz was royally bred, his dam, Abendluft was a full-sister to the influential stallions, Absinth, Absalon and Abendstern.

At the stallion station at Jork, he produced three famous brothers - Abhang I, II and III, as well as their full sister, Zukunft who competed with success internationally with Alwin Schockemöhle. Just 160 cm, Abhang I produced elegant horses but without great performance success. Abhang II, at 157 cm, was the smallest of the three, but produced great dressage horses, with charm and movement. Abhang III, the tallest of the three, sired mainly show jumpers. All told Abglanz sired 19 Approved sons, with progeny earnings of over DM324,000.

Abglanz and his progeny are credited with bringing about great improvement in the head and neck of the Hanoverian horses.

However Abglanz’s influence was most felt through his son Absatz who was out of the Hannoverian mare, Landmoor who on her sire’s side traces to the famous English Thoroughbred, Perfectionist xx, and on her dam’s side from the Shagya stallion Shagy XVII. Absatz was the sire of stallions such as Argentan, Arsenik, Akzent I and II, Admiral I and II, Aktuell and Aderlaß.

All told Absatz sired 40 Approved sons, 605 competition horses and 142 Verden auction horses. Absatz’s modern influence is perhaps most strongly felt through Weltmeyer who is out of Anka by Absatz.
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Born: 1980
Color: Black

Height: 17.0 hands

Breeder: Gestut Marbach, Germany

Performance Approved: 100-Day Test, Marbach, FRG, 1983 - 8th out of 21

Sire: Amor II
Dam: Achalm

Died: 2002

Approved Sons: Lauterbach
Approved Daughters: Hiclory, Hollow, Myranda, Prestige, Schelan, Sheiba, Trischka

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Beaujolais II

BeaujolaisBorn: 1987
Color: Bay
Height: 16.1 hands
Breeder: Oswald Welk, FRG
2005 at Tannenhof Stables
Died: March 2007

Trakehner Verband Approved 100 day test 1991 in Warendorf Germany

Beaujolais is one of only four stallions from the famed producer, KARON, sire of elite stallion CAPRIMOND and premium stallion SCHAMPUS. His grandsire, AROGNO, stands 16th in the world for the production of FEI horses, and is also the sire of PARTOUT, a successful International mount for Anky Van Grunsven.

Out of the superior BEA mare line, the mare family of Bellevue (and Bea resp.) also produced the elite stallion Banditentraum, an award winning sire of Grand Prix dressage horses, several approved sons in the Hannovarian breed and a leading dressage sire in Westfalia.

Beaujolais has an impressive dressage show record in Florida, with high scores in second and third levels. In 2002, he competed at 4th level, wining his classes with excellent scores. 

BeaujolaisBeau's quality offspring demonstrate nobleness, movement and a loving attitude.


Approved Son: Ursprun
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Born: 1988Bonn and Tina Schoenbach
Color: Chestnut
Height: 16.2 hands
Breeder: Elke Humphrey
2003 at Tannenhof Stables
Died: 2005

Performing offspring:

Remus, Ramazotti, Kamay, Sassou (See photos below)
Bonn was a proven performance horse with competing offspring.
Remus Ramazotti Kamay
Remus Ramazotti Kamay

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Born: 1976
Color: Black
Height: 16.2 hands
Breeder: Heinrich Schmahl
At Rappenhof Stables

Carino is by Liguster, out of Caterina.
German Verband approved & performance tested.

Performing Offspring:
Sire of 80 winners incl. FEI dressage, hunter, jumper, eventing, driving and halter grand champions at top US and Canadian shows, incl. Triple Crown winner. Winner of Canadian Sporthorse Stallion of the Year 2000, earning the Carolin Sifton Award for his success as sire of halter winners.

Approved Sons:
Platinum vom Rappenhof - also approved ATA, CWHBA and CSHA
Prinz Habicht - also approved CSHA
Prince of Prussia - also approved CWHBA

Carino, by Liguster, is the last male representative of the Irrlehrer stallion line. Grandsire, Intermezzo, made his name as DLG Champion, logo head of Trakehner Hefte, and sire of an abundance of mares that produced some of the very best German stallions and competitors. Great Grandsire, Oxyd, earned his fame as a sire of Olympic medalists Adular and Afrika and as the grandsire of Olympic and World Champion Mariano as well as his full brother, the Westphalian foundation sire Radetzky. Carino's dam Caterina is also the dam of German National Shows Premium Stallion Cataract.

For more information about Carino visit Rappenhof Trakehners

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CondusBorn: 1964
Color: Gray
Height: 16.2 hands
Breeder: Gestüt Pütter, FRG

Sire: Ramzes (AA)
Dam: Constanze


Died: 1987

Approved Sons: Fundador (FRG), Vespucci (FRG), Leonidas, Potentate, Tarim, Tempelritter
Approved Daughters: Lavinia *Pg*, Sadana *E*, Media

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DonauwindBorn: 1965
Color: Brown
Breeder: Curt Krebs, FRG

Sire: Pregel
Dam: Donaulied vom Schimmelhof


Died: 1986

Approved Sons: Abdullah – 1984 Olympics. Gold and Silver for the U.S.A. (deceased), Blitzwind (deceased), Pikör, Target (deceased), Unkenruf, Amateur I (FRG), Amateur II (FRG), Athlet (FRG), Cannabis (DEN), Cornelius (FRG), Downlands Isolan (GB), Fabian (FRG), Incitatus (FRG), Liberius (FRG), Lucado (FRG), Mark (FRG), Matador (FRG), Tannensee (FRG)

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Guy La Roche

Guy La RocheBorn: 1988
Color: Bay
Height: 16.3 hands
Breeder: Hans Peter Heinen, Issum, Germany

by Michelango out of Galante V

Sire of 170 foals registered with the Trakehner Verband, among these 39 approved Trakehner broodmares, including 7 State Premium, 7 Verband Premium and 2 FN Performance Studbook mares. According to the breed value statistics published by the German Equestrian Federation for 2002 he ranks 9th overall among hundreds of present and past Trakehner sires of high scoring broodmares at mare inspections; for leg conformation of his daughters he placed 2nd and for their walk marks 3rd! He also sired top selling foals at the Neumuenster Elite Foal Auction and top placing show ring foals at national level. 31 offspring are registered competitors at recognized national level, 20 won prize money in 2002.

Approval comment German Trakehner Stallion Book for Guy La Roche:
“ Big framed, strong Pasteur xx-grandson of the best Trakehner type with beautiful head and neck; big, nicely angled shoulder, well sculpted withers reaching far into ..the saddle back and a true performance croup. Legs satisfy in strength and correctness. Three good gaits.”

Guy La Roche is approved and ‘first class’ performance tested for Trakehner Verband and the Warmblood Breed Associations of Rhineland, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, Saxonia, Thuringia and by the Luxembourg Warmblood Association. At the National Trakehner approval Neumuenster 1991 he received Ic Premium (3rd place) and sold at the stallion auction sale for the third highest price at DM 95.000, (then equaling about Can. $ 85.000), behind the Champion, his half brother Kennedy from the same famous breeder’s barn (Heinen-Boenninghardt Stud, who bred also Kronjuwel), selling for the never reached again record price of DM 401 000, and the Reserve Champion, future ‘Stallion of the Year’ and ‘Elite Stallion’ Sixtus (DM 190 000).

Performance Info:
In his 100 Day stallion performance test Warendorf/Westfalen Guy La Roche placed 4th overall out of 22 from all Warmblood breeds with an index of 121,38 (Performance Class 1 = Premium). He scored 9 (out of 10) each for character, temperament and an 8 each for willingness to perform, ability to perform, free jumping, ride ability, walk and canter, plus a 7,5 for trot. As a 4 year old he was a serial winner under saddle in Material classes, Dressage suitability, Riding Horse championships, won dressage and show jumping competitions, was best Trakehner stallion at the Trakehner Federal Show 93 and qualifier for the German National Championships. In 1996 he was member of the winning family group of his dam Galante at the State Championships Rhineland in Aachen. He was trained by Olympic and World Champion Uwe Sauer up to FEI level dressage. In 2001 he won several show jumping competitions ridden by a 15 year old, rather inexperienced girl. In 2002 he was presented at the Saxonia/Thuringia State Stud Moritzburg stallion parade as member of the dressage pas de quatre and featured on the cover of the State Stud’s 2003 stud directory. The 2002 edition of ‘Selected Stallions of Germany’ dedicated a page to Guy La Roche!

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Born: 1986Hailo
Color: Dark Brown/Black
Height: 16.1 hands
Breeder: Peter Langmann, D-6340 Dillenburg, FRG

Performance Approved: 2 sons (Impressionist, Monte) & 1 exceptional daughter (O'Charlesy M)

Performing Offspring: 46 - mostly Dressage

Sired by Anduc by Marduc (Both leading their dressage index in Germany) x Heraklia by Thor (The leading Trakehner sire of money earning offspring for many years)

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HannibalBorn: 1984
Color: Brown
Height: 16.1 hands
Breeder: Herbert Boettcher

Died: 2002

Approved Daughters: Heidrun, Livia, Attika, Gretel, Hofamsel

Bred by Herbert Boettcher, Hannibal was born in southern Ontario Canada. Hannibal's bloodlines carry influential the bloodlines from Abglanz and Ibikus. Hannibal stood in Manitoba at Tannenhof Stable for several years before moving onto North Carolina. Hannibal died July 21, 2002.

  Abglanz ch
  Valentin dk br
    Valeska 2308 br
Polifax -30-br
    Traumgeist xx dk br
  Pomeranze 3489 dk br
    Polaria 2619 bl

    Ibikus br
  Wie lbikus br
    Wanja 3672 br
    Kontakt ch
  Heideblume IV -31-br
    Heideblut 3370 br

Rembrandt Dominik Lumiere
Rembrandt Dominik Lumiere


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Born: 1967Ibikus
Color: Bay
Height: 16.2 hands
Breeder: Webelsgrund Stud
Isolda 2481
Approved Sons:

Died: 1996

Ibikus was four times Winner of the German Championship, 1st class Performancetest for Stallions, DLG-Champion, Successful in dressage competitions up to Kl.S.

"Pedigree, exterior and movement-wise highly to be regarded as a stallion with important frame, good caliber and very productive, fluent movement."
- Hengstbuch 1975 of the Trakehner Verband

Considered a Marker Stallion, Ibikus's genetic traits are responsible for the performance capabilities of sport horses all over Europe. Spending his last years in Denmark he had tremendous impact as an improver. There, his most important descendant is the Grand Prix stallion RAMBO--given Elite status, also approved in Sweden, Oldenberg and the USA. Rambo was Champion of his 100 day test with the highest score in Danish history. By age 6 he was undefeated in dressage competition.

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Born: 2001
Color: Black
Height:  16.2 ½ hands
German Verband approved.

Illux is a black Trakehner recently gelded. He is extremely well bred, being by the Elite stallion Latimer, with EH Caprimond, EH Arongo, Saint Cloud and Giorgio Armani in his pedigree as well as 2 States Premium mares. Illux completed a good 30 day test in Germany and was imported to Canada in 2005.

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Born: 1967
Color: Dark Bay
Breeder: Erdmuthe von Zitzewitz, FRG

Performing Offspring:

Died: 1996

Marcus was imported from Germany as a yearling by Henry Schurink and was later approved by the ATA in November of 1982 at the Columbus, Ohio inspections. He stood at the Schurink's Doornhof Farm until 1994, when he was donated to Cornell University to stand at their research breeding farm.

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SchwalbenherbstBorn: 1979
Color: Black
Height: 16.3 hands 
Breeder: H. Engels, Juchen, Germany

Performance Approved: 100-Day Test, Warendorf, FRG, 1982 - 3rd out of 13

Performing Offspring:
6 (Mostly Dressage)




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Tai Pan

Born: 1983Tai-Pan -94-
Color: Bay
Height:  16.1 hands
Breeder: Harry Zimmermann, Ontario

Performance approved

Dam: Tanja

Approved Daughters: Thorita II
Performing offspring: Tersia, Libre Ho



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TannenbergBorn: 1966
Color: Brown
Breeder: Dr. H.D. Wagner, FRG

Tannenberg was the Reserve Champion at the 1968 Neumünster approvals, after which he stood at various locations in FRG. In 1975 he was imported by Gerhard Schickedanz and stood at Galten Farms in Ontario through 1979. In 1980 he moved to Williamsburg Farm in NY, he also stood at various other locations in the US until his retirement from breeding in 1992.

Comments from German Trakehner Stallion Book:
Excellent in the type of the Trakehner horse with beautiful, masculine head; best position, length and carriage of the neck; good shoulder and good withers; harmonious body overall that is carried on four good, correct, sufficiently strong but a bit long legs; the midsection of the body is well-coupled to the forehand and hindquarters; particularly emphasized should be the broadly set hocks; his way of going is elevated and impulsive, very slightly paddling in front; in spite of his size he is very uniform overall and significant in his overall impression. His magnificent type is usually passed to his get, and so is the harmonious overall figure, with a rather good way of moving; good medium size is predominant.

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